The newest addition: Carissa Joy

Here she is! This little sweetheart was born yesterday at two weeks late, but she was worth the wait. Continue reading The newest addition: Carissa Joy

Unlike ourselves

A couple of months ago, I pulled out a book* to read to my nephew. Of course, I’m always assuming that his attention span is longer than it is, and he was soon off playing with his toys. But I stayed where I was, studying the tiny drawings and contemplating the book’s message. Continue reading Unlike ourselves

A day of Midwestern culture

One day last week, I started out the day with a friend and dusty chaff in a soybean field. It was a lovely way to celebrate my favorite season: the dry plains that stretch into the horizon, the banter of voices over the radios, the roar of machinery, the swirling haze of dust every time the combine approaches. There is something about growing up on a farm that makes the joy of the countryside stick in your blood. Continue reading A day of Midwestern culture